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Reputation used to automate the management of community ecology.

Reputation change rules

Someone upvote your question+10
Someone upvote your answer+10
Someone accept your answer+15
You accept someone's answer+2
Your proposed was accepted+2
You downvote someone's answer-1
Your question was downvoted-2
Your answer was downvoted-2

Additional rules

  • The initial reputation is 0, after activation the reputation becomes 1
  • If there is an action that causes the user's reputation to be < 1, any subsequent actions that reduce the reputation will not reduce the user's reputation
  • Maximum of 200 reputation per day
  • If an action results in a user gaining > 200 reputation for the day, any subsequent actions that increase reputation will not increase the user's reputation.
  • The reputation gained from accepted answers is not limited by the 200 cap
  • No reputation gained for accepting your own answer